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Abel Point Marina, Airlie Beach QLD 4802

We are an exciting, innovative and experienced maritime operator in the wonderful Whitsundays! We are so lucky to work in one of the world's most spectacular spots and we pride ourselves on showcasing the best of the Whitsundays to all who visit.

Our fantastic selection of day cruise experiences and activities really make the most of this incredible part of the world - including the stunning Whitsunday Islands National Park and the Great Barrier Reef.

We offer a selection of day cruises to Whitehaven Beach as well as a sailing aventure. We also cruise to Daydream Island Resort and Spa and Long Island. Cruise Whitsundays also offer a selection of day cruises to Hamilton Island.

Multi-award winning Cruise Whitsundays is an exciting and innovative day cruise operator, run by an experienced tourism team. We provide a fantastic selection of day cruise experiences and activities that really make the most of this incredible part of the world - including the stunning Whitsunday Islands National Park and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Our day cruises include visits to Great Barrier Reef, the Camira Sailing Adventure to Whitehaven Beach and Island Escape day cruises to Daydream Island Resort and Spa, Hamilton Island and Long Island as well as a selection of cruises to Whitehaven Beach.

Cruise Whitsundays is managed in conjunction with Marine Tourism Management who have been involved in marine tourism operations in New Zealand and Fiji for over 30 years.

Cruise Whitsundays has a strong environmental ethic. We believe that the Great Barrier Reef, its marine life and the Whitsundays natural environment are the most important aspects of our operation. We want to ensure the reef and Whitsundays environment will be preserved for the future, so our activities and operations are designed to follow world-best environmental practices.

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